Selling on Facebook in Pakistan with just a Facebook Page (Facebook Ads)

It is important to understand that every market is different l. Pakistani buyers are reluctant to buy from websites and their buying power is also limited in terms of online shopping.

So how we do start selling locally?

  • 1. Find a winning product in any category
    2. Product selling price: 800-1500 (products in this range sell like crazy.
    3. Create a Facebook page
    4. Create Ads manager
    5. Find a good delivery partners (Trax is good)
    6. Run ads on Facebook (ads of 700-1000 PKR/day)
    7. What kind of ads: run message ads or lead generation ads because Pakistani customers want communication before purchasing any product.

Case Study

I ran 3 lead generation campaigns for the client as shown in this screenshot.
Received 185 leads from these 3 campaigns. Called the customer and confirm the orders.
Order confirmation rate was 60%.
Total confirmed orders: 111
Product price: 2200
Total ads spent: 17436
Total order value: 244200
*Remember it was new page with 200 likes barely.
For designing, you can use free canva. Important thing, we only used images for this ad not video.
So, you can now have the idea of selling on Facebook with just a page, a product and some budget for Facebook ads.
For some motivation, 2000 pieces of this product are sold over a span of 1 year, but also selling other products of same category as well.
Some of you might start advertising right away by clicking boost button under your ads and receive zero order and feel depressed. That’s why you should read carefully and select an objective for your ad that can be either message or lead generation.
Feel free to ask any question.

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